23:51, 4 сентября 2017

Eurobasket fantasy: third round and new leader

Half way passed for Eurobasket Fantasy 2017 and we have new leader. Great performance of user Avtonom has put two his teams on the top of overall stangings. BC Brakorob and BC Minus keeping first and second spots with results of 488.0 and 485.7 points. Just a little more then 10 points behind user Monte777 with his team Monte Mops. 

At the same time winner of the day is user Alex5688 with perfect result of 193.7 points that is just 0.4 points more then second place and user Baltazar

MVP of third round Richard Howell (36 efficency) from Israel, who helped his team came back in the thriller against Germany. Another great performances belongs to Adam Hanga (34), Denys Lukashov (32) and Kristaps Porzigins (32). 

Next games will be played tomorrow, so don't forget make your changes.

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