21:47, 30 August 2017

Fantasy Eurobasket: Rosters and points system

Basketdream starting Eurobasket Fantasy 2017. Before start of the tournament we remember main concepts of the game. 

Each team should have ten players in the roster  - two point guards, four wing players and four bigmen. If some team has nine or less players it will automatically get zero points.
Result of the team is the sum of efficency ratings team players each rounds. There are some bonuses each player can earn after end of the round. If team of the player wins then each player of the team gets additionnaly 10% to efficency rating. Also double-double adds 5%, tripple-double 10% and MVP of the round gets additionaly 10% to the rating. Prices after each round changing depending on average efficency rating of the player but not more and not less 15% of previous rating. 

Winner is the team which will get higher number of the points after all rounds.

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