23:10, 7 сентября 2017

Eurobasket Fantasy: One round to go

Just one round to go and we still have many users not so far from the sixth place that is in the prize zone. Three users - Avtonom, frankov and Alex5688 currently are the best three players of Eurobasket Fantasy 2017. Avtonom showing really great game having three teams on the top positions but even among this three teams -  BC Minus looks perfect with 802.3 points. 

In the predictions tournament leader is Brian_Setzer, who already predict 19 results. Still many players having 17 and 16 points. In this tournament in case of equal total points higher will be the team which has more points last round. 

MVP of the round is Jonas Valanciunas who showing great shape in the end of group round. His 35 points of efficiency helped Lithuania win the group. Also we want to mention Alexey Shved and Kristaps Porzigins with 33 rating. 

Before last round users can have 5 changes. Round will start 9 of September with game Slovenia - Ukraine.

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